Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Technology transforms Tanzania

I am glad that, technology is picking up the pace in helping farmers, for example to find potential buyers/ markets for their produce, more easily & efficiently. This is promising, that the government is starting to take agriculture more serious. I have always find it interesting, if not ironic, that Tanzania is called the country of farmers (because many people still relay on agriculture)but the agricultural sector is given the least attention & priority.

There is a lot of work to be done still, for example; improving technology in cultivating the land. Many farmers still use hand hoes, instead of tractors, something that limits how much food is harvested annually. Secondly, Irrigation systems need to be put in place, because depending on the rains that are not always reliable, will be inviting hunger every year. However, this is a good step, because as they say, every long journey starts with one step at a time.


  1. Mobile platforms man! We need to get our boy Taha on this, and see how Mobilinfo is actually working.

  2. I'll look into this some more. The thing that really surprises me with this kind of technology is that we always end up hearing about it after its all completed and that also from western media.

  3. Taha makes a good point. You don't see/ hear this being talked/ discussed about with the local media back home. I also wonder why will everybody else..

  4. Nadhani hatuna ule msukumo wa kufuatilia mambo kama haya. Au watu wanaofanyia kazi mambo kama haya hawaoni umuhimu wa kuwataarifu Watanzania kwanza?

    Ukifuatilia blogs zetu tu, utapata jibu sahihi. Nadhani kuna majibu kwenye post (na comments) ya Stephanie.