Monday, August 31, 2009

BOOST Fellowship introduced to East Africa youth

Building Opportunities on Student Talent (BOOST) Fellowship, based out of Zimbabwe, has opened up it's application process for youth in East Africa. It is collaborating with the Inter-region Economic Network (IREN) to bring entrepreneurial guidance and resources to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

The coordinator of the program, Judith Grace Auma, mentioned: "The programme is designed to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurial innovators, financial and managerial leaders to help shape a successful future for their respective countries and continent."

Lena Zamchiya, CEO of Zimbabwe-based BOOST Fellowship, sees the efforts of BOOST as a means to help youth become more productive in the private market: "Under the social enterprise, we train the students to be able to identify social issues within their communities with a view of starting private enterprises based on the needs they met."

Read more here: - "East Africa: IREN to Empower Young Entrepreneurs" - "BOOST Fellowship Brightens Future for the Youth"

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