Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Africa: A continent on the move

Submitted by Jean-Marie Vianney Habarugira

With the 2010 World Cup set to begin later this week, eyes are turning toward South Africa, the country playing host to the world’s most watched sporting event, and, more broadly, toward Africa as a whole. After decades of stagnation, the continent’s economies have expanded much more quickly during the past ten years. So this month, McKinsey Quarterly focuses on Africa’s surprisingly bright economic future. (You will have to register first to get full access to the articles and the interview.)

What’s driving Africa’s growth
The rate of return on foreign investment is higher in Africa than in any other developing region. It’s time for global executives and investors to pay heed.

South Africa in the spotlight: An interview with Deputy President K.Motlanthe
In a video interview, the deputy president of South Africa reflects on its economy, the battle against HIV/AIDS, how the world perceives Africa, and China’s role there.

Checking Africa’s vital signs (with interactive map)
A series of maps and charts on Africa shows the populations and literacy rates of its countries; their position in the World Bank’s ease-of-doing-business index; and changes in life expectancy, real GDP, levels of HIV/AIDS infection, and capital inflows.

Africa’s path to growth: Sector by sector
The continent’s growth story isn’t entirely about the extractive industries. Seven articles examine the future of a wide range of sectors.

Fulfilling the promise of sub-Saharan Africa
The region has already made big strides below the radar. It now stands to become the developing world’s next great success story.

Source: McKinsey Quartely - June 2010 Newsletter

Artwork Painted by Katongo
Tinga Tinga art from Tanzania

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