Monday, May 3, 2010

World Economic Forum coming to Tanzania

The World Economic Forum on Africa will take place this year in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania from May 5-7, 2010.

A few extracts from the press release:

Geneva, Switzerland, 18 September 2009
– The World Economic Forum announced today that Tanzania will host the 2010 World Economic Forum on Africa in Dar es Salaam from 5 to 7 May.

“The World Economic Forum on Africa is an important opportunity to take the pulse each year of the most influential of Africa’s stakeholders. We look forward to holding the meeting in Tanzania at a time when the whole East Africa region is expected to experience stronger growth,” said Andre Schneider, Managing Director, World Economic Forum.

...President Jakaya M. Kikwete of Tanzania echoed his enthusiasm: “It is an honour for Tanzania to host the 2010 World Economic Forum on Africa. We are looking forward to welcoming the community, which I am confident will continue to make important contributions in our collective quest for a better world. It is heartening to see the positive impact that the World Economic Forum has on key issues of global concern. This unique gathering regularly convenes a very diverse group of friends of the continent who are united in their optimism of what Africa can, must and will achieve.”

...The World Economic Forum on Africa takes place over three days and is renowned for its informal style that engenders frank and open conversation among the most influential leaders with a stake in the region. The 2009 gathering was hosted in Cape Town by newly elected President Jacob Zuma of South Africa.

Personally, I am interested in two things: (1) How can this forum prove beneficial to the education of youth in Tanzania and greater East Africa, and (2) in what ways can the scope of media in East Africa gain from the World Economic Forum?

More information:

Press release

World Economic Forum on Africa website


  1. Tanzania is the darling of global development initiatives ;)

  2. hopefully the Nation will somehow benefit from this!

  3. I watched the last economic forum, it was interesting (not intended as a compliment) listening to Kikwete, I cant wait to see what his going to say this time.

  4. (Un)fortunately, this is the main discussion at the moment:

  5. What benefits for Tanzania after the Forum?