Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Voices from Tanzania

by Stella Evelyn Tesha
MD, Green Waters Foundation, Brittenoord 21, 3070 KA Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

'Voices from Tanzania' is a poetry collection to be published in 2011. Some of my previous poetry works are: Love as Flowers and A Journey into Life.

As the above title implies, the collection will be of voices from different people who have a connection with Tanzania. This means, they don't have to be Tanzanians only. Our aim is to raise awareness that will contribute to positive change and development. Also, to motivate more people to get involved in the development and positive progress of Tanzania.

Rules and guidelines for poetry submission:
1. The poetry submitted should be your own work, and it shouldn't have been published before.
2. Poetry submitted should have relevance to Tanzania.
3. All subject are allowed. We specifically encourage people to focus on development issues such as: gender, street children, youth, nationalism, democracy, corruption, farmers, situation in rural areas, the people, culture, beliefs, etc.
4. Sarcasm and humor is ok, but there should be no use of abusive language.
5. Harassment or racism poetry won't be published by us.
6. Poets submitting poetry must provide us with their full legal name. We do not discourage poets submitting poems using a pseudonym name. We can publish poems submitted by poets using their pseudonym name, however for legal purposes the full legal name is required.
7. We reserve the right not to publish your work.

Please note: This is a project under Green Waters Foundation. All (if any) resulting earnings will be re-invested in capacity building project in Tanzania.

If you have read the guidelines and decide to submit your work of poetry for publication, please don't forget to fill in the following details: Full Name, Contact Address, Location and Nationality.

If you wish, you may make a financial contribution towards the publication of the book to:
Holder of the A/C: Green Waters Foundation
Bank A/C No.: 3458111 (ING Bank)
IBAN: NL57 INGB 0003458111
Address: Groeninx van Zoelenlaan 125
Postal Code and Location: 3078 AW Rotterdam

For more details, e-mail: stella.tesha (at) green-waters (dot) org


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