Friday, May 21, 2010

From the Horn of Africa

I have to admit that I first heard of K'naan - and listened to his lyrics carefully - in the Nas and Damian Marley's Distant Relatives LP (I have been very busy lately, you know). The kid is talented (listen to 'Tribal War)!

In the following clip, K'naan talks about survival guilt, the World Cup and learning English through hip-hop.

I just have a number of questions: Do you learn anything at all from hip-hop? Do you have any hip-hop or Bongo Flava song that keeps you going or changed the way you think about/look at certain things? Or it's all about entertainment and all that c**p?

Binafsi, kuna baadhi ya nyimbo za hip-hop ambazo zimenifumbua macho. Kuna sehemu ambazo sijawahi kufika, lakini nyimbo za hip-hop zimenipeleka mbali! Kuna nyimbo ambazo zinafanya siku zangu ziwe fupi! Pia, kuna nyimbo ambazo zinanifanya nijiangalie kwenye kioo na kujiuliza maswali.

Sasa hivi huu ndio wimbo wangu:



  1. Lazim boss. Tribal War is a SICK tune. Many thanks for these recommendations.

    For me, I think I have to say Tupac's "Changes" - at the time and age I was listening to it - did make me stop and think.

    I feel that artists need to keep in mind that while lyrics matter in hip hop, so does the beat and the rhythm. It's the "correct" combination of both that send the message home.

  2. .."Africa must wake up" in rotation now..The world cup is coming and I expect to be asked a lot of question abt Africa...I better brace myself so whats coming...I always find myself having to defend Africa....maybe I'm more subjective now...not objective anymore..the attention of the world will shift to africa next month...I'm very curious abt the kind of crap the western media is going to come up with...

    BUT Africa must wake up...I mean its noon already...we're still sleeping...

  3. Kwenye chorus ya Patience. KAma anasema Safari, Safari....
    Ni kila mwaka..

  4. LOL @ Anon..Safari moja huanzisha nyingine au vipi?

    Nadhani wanasema Sabali..maana yake ni 'patience'.