Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Trail of My Shadows

True poets have distinctive voice. In his first book of poetry, Bahati Mabala crafts the personal and political in a very distinctive way; whether speaking with the voice of a raped Congolese girl, or exploring his own relationships in his life.

He ranges from the directly political as he speaks of Africa and America, the poor and the rich, to very personal thoughts about his own life. In every case he brings a refreshing perspective, combining rap lyrics with more conventional poetry, but always with a critical eye -- a self-critical eye which peels away the layers of the onion as shown in one of his poems.

These are not poems for the 'easygoing', be prepared for the sting of tears as you peel the onion for yourself, and you will be well rewarded.

While you are planning to order a copy, please visit his website or facebook fan page to get a glimpse of what is coming!

To order a copy, click here (

For further details, do not hesitate to drop Bahati a line: (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. Yes! I was waiting for this.

    Mzee Bahati, ntasnatch copy yangu ASAP, but lazima usign when I see you next.

    Congratulations, and I'm looking forward to reading.

  2. Bahati, unaweza ukatuambia mipango yako ya 'kukileta' kitabu Bongo inaendaje?

  3. asanteni waheshimiwa, ndugu anonymous najaribu kuwasiliana na Soma Book Cafe wakiuze kitabuni, hivyo mambo yakienda salama kitabu kitapatikana hapo..

  4. hongera kwa kuchapisha kitabu. ila mkuu, kitabu chako ni ghali mno, 24 dollars ni kiasi kikubwa mno, ukizingatia ni kitabu chako cha kwanza. jaribu kuongea na publishers kupunguza bei.

  5. Anon, nimecheki bei leo na nimeona IMEPUNGUZWA! Kazi kwako.