Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Value of 'Microtrends'

Our society is riddled with growing trends that we overlook daily, focusing on larger trends such as Facebook or Twitter. Yet if 1% of society comprises a trend, that equates to 3,000,000 Americans or 400,000 Tanzanians and so forth... Mark Penn shines the spotlight on such 'microtrends' in his book "Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes." Penn intuitively identifies growing interest groups in society, each with needs unmet by our society and economy and provides ideas on how one might tailor a business venture to meet that need. The book promotes the reader to think and look outside of our limited contact sphere (the people we meet and see every day) and identify our own microtrends in society. Backed by an impressive track record chasing the trail with former President Clinton, Mark Penn writes a very informative and digestible book that can get us all thinking about entrepreneurship.

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