Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kirubi from Capital FM: Think like an entrepreneur

Chris Kirubi, a blogger for Kenyan-based Capital FM, encourages youth to seek out entrepreneurial opportunities and self employment in East Africa.

In his latest blogpost, "Think like an entrepreneur", he suggests the following to the youth (in sum):
  • Change the way you regard careers vs. self employment, ie: the attitude needs to change from "I'm working for someone" to "How can I help my employer increase value"
  • Earn competancy in certain fields rather than recreate already-existing innovations
  • Build credibility to secure consistent funding
  • Volunteer your time to learn about the needs in your area
  • Read about what's happening in the world and join networks
Capital FM provides extensive local and international news on the web and on radio. Kirubi is a correspondent for industry, media, insurance and youth empowerment.

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