Sunday, November 15, 2009

William James Foundation business plan competition

The William James Foundation has opened up its business plan competition. Winners are eligible to different brackets of funding to jump-start their projects. A key process of the competition is feedback.

The Foundation provides feedback on the following, according to their website (extracted from Competition Guidelines):
  • How you described your of products or services, and the problems they solve
  • How you are thinking about your market targets, promotion, and market testing
  • Your assessment of risks, competitors, substitute products or services, and your competitive advantage
  • Your timeline
  • Your analysis of your cash flow needs, and the sources and uses of funds
  • Your management team strengths and needs, and organizational structure
  • The overall viability of your business from a financial profit point of view
  • The value and feasibility of your social and/or environmental goals
In order to apply, entrepreneurs need to send a "Intent to Compete" e-mail to competition(at)williamjamesfoundation(dot)org with a short paragraph about their idea and contact information. Thereafter, executives summaries are to the same e-mail address due by December 4, 2009. There is a application processing fee which may be waived in advance.

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