Saturday, September 26, 2009

ReWork engages Tanzanian entrepreneurs

Rework The World is group that seeks to mobilize young people and facilitate their access to making positive change. Rework was created from a partnership between the YES Campaign and the Tällberg Foundation.

In May 2009, Rework held a workshop conference in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania to attempt to figure out what sustainable ventures could be explored by Tanzanian entrepreneurs that promoted positive social change. The themes of the workshop were centered around how to tackle youth unemployment. As such, presentations were given from the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Youth Development.

The results from the conference were twofold. Challenges in youth communication platforms were identified, and initiatives that needed to be worked on were suggested.

Two main goals that were borne out of the conference:
1. Build a youth-led solar economy;
2. Use media to assist in the youth education/communication process.

Vijana FM is a youth communication platform specifically meant for entrepreneurial support and collaborative planning amongst youth. We are not directly affiliated to Rework, the YES Campaign or the Tällberg Foundation, but we are always looking for room for collaboration. Get in touch with us at admin (at) vijanafm (dot) com.

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